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top 5 reasons to elope

Recently, my business partner, Sean McGrath, was published in Weddings Atlantic magazine with two amazing articles. One was for an elopement that he and I photographed together in St Martins, NB. It was a dream that deserved the attention due to it’s sheer uniqueness.  Can you imagine getting married in a sea cave away from it all? More on that elopmenet below. The other article that Sean had published was his top 5 reasons to elope. I thought I would give my top 5 reasons to elope below so all our followers can see a couple different perspectives from the guys behind the camera. 


  1. MONEY – Did you know that the most trending search phrase for weddings on Pinterest in 2019 so far is “budget friendly weddings”? Everyone is looking on ways to save money. Who doesn’t want to save money for what really matters? Like a home, vehicle, and food. There’s really no need to go into debt over a large wedding. Even if elopements are not for you, I can’t recommend enough, finding ways to make your day memorable, but budget friendly at the same time. 
  2. YOUR STORY – With weddings, it can sometimes be more about other people’s influences and ideas. Elopements are really just about the two of you, in your element, showcasing your love. Isn’t that what weddings are suppose to be about?
  3. ENJOY THE MOMENT – Wedding days are long for photographers, but you’ll just have to trust us when we say the go by in the blink of an eye. It’s always going to be a tight schedule at a wedding. Elopements are truly all about the moment and you really have the time to simply enjoy it. 
  4. NATURE’S BEAUTY – This would be on every photographers top 5 list but I have to include it. If you love nature and beautiful landscapes, then why not get married there? Picture an officiant, two photographers and the two of you in the most beautiful place you can imagine. 
  5. PHOTOGRAPHY – duh! If you are a lover of photography and find the art form to be something special to you and yours, then you will appreciate the time we get to spend getting creative capturing your adventure. It’s a lot of fun behind the camera at elopements and you (the couple) will always have numerous images that will make you so happy you eloped.

BONUS TIP – If you’re thinking of eloping, this doesn’t mean you need to shutout the family. That is typically people’s #1 concern. What will they think? I recommend telling your closest family and friends the day before the elopement and let them know you plan on having a party at such as such a date to have everyone together. It can be a lot less formal than a wedding, and a pot luck or pizza party can save on costs. There’s no one answer for everyone, but you can always ask Sean and I if you have any questions. 

Wedding in a sea cave story

Sean and I had the chance to photograph an elopement in a sea cave. You read that right. It seems like a dream to us, but it really happened. For some behind the scenes footage and some of the resulting images from the elopement, view the 2 minute video below! 


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Jeremy McLean

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