There is nothing I love more than family. The McAllister’s; Andrea, Corey, Myah, Addison, and Corbin are all dear to me and I couldn’t be happier to showcase their wonderful family. I hope to photograph my sister and her family much more throughout the years!

One thing I would recommend to anyone checking these photos out, is to photograph your family often. Some of the images you take of them will most likely end up meaning a lot to you, so it’s a win win. I’ve already ordered prints for myself from this shoot I did yesterday!

The photos below were taken in Sussex, New Brunswick the day after a large snowfall. If you’re a Sussex photographer feel free to comment below on your favourite spots to take portraits.

The kids
Laughing with love
Corbin walking into sun
Love portraits snow
Andrea and Corbin
Andrea and Corbin sunset
McAllister family
Snow day portraits
family fun
Corey & Andrea
Kids walking in snow
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