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In 2012 my wife and I decided to take part in a medical mission with the Friends for Life group based out of Canada. The group routinely goes into impoverish areas in the Dominican Republic and provides much needed medical supplies as well as free hearing tests and hearing aids for whomever needs them.

Abandoned family

My wife Kara is an Audiologist and was spending more of her time doing hearing tests and fitting hearing aids. I on the other hands took on the responsibility of documenting the entire experience, including the food for the poor program. At the time, I had very little photography skills and only consumer level equipment.

The family above brought tears to my eyes. They are sponsored by the program but when we came to visit to see how they were doing, there were no parents around. The eyes of the eldest son staring into my camera was one of the most touching encounters I’ve ever had.

dominican portrait

We had the privilege of going to a few schools to visit kids that are sponsored by the Friends for Life group. Children that live in what we would consider unbearable circumstances were being given the gift of simple means such as education, shelter, and food.

poverty home

I ‘ve been having issues with our heat pump at our home, which has caused a lot of stress and unexpected bills. I then look at this image and it hits me like a tonne of bricks. Our problems are so small and this is a reminder of how blessed my family really is.

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