Wedding photograph - Helen Carlson

Photographing weddings was only a matter of time. Even though I keep a very busy and often hectic schedule on the go, it goes back to why I film weddings and photograph people in general. It’s one of the most important and meaningful careers there is. I have some personal photographs that I absolutely cherish. When my wife and I got married it was simply the best day of my life. My wife’s grandmother (Helen) was ill at the time but she willed herself out of her hospital bed and made it to the wedding. We noticed she left before the reception ended so later that night we went to the hospital and visited her. The next day my wife and I found out Helen had passed away during her sleep. How much does that 1 photograph of “Grannie” we received (shown above) from our wedding photographer mean to us? It means the world. It’s the last photo taken of her. Being a wedding photographer is extremely important. 

I think it’s also important to have a firm understanding of photography before you start photographing weddings. I’ve spent the last 5 years studying in any spare time I could find. I’ve had the privilege of learning from close friends and through tons of online resources. If you’re new to photography and are great places to find premium content. These resources have masters of photography that teach basic and very advanced skills, and many are specifically catered to wedding photography.

Going back to why I decided to start photographing weddings, I would conclude that capturing emotion whether it be through film or photography is what I love to do. I get to photograph people and make them look their best. I get to capture moments that will be treasured by people for their entire lives. Being a wedding photographer is extremely important.

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