It’s always great to get work coming in the door, but what’s more important is having the right clients come in the door.

Hyper Focus

by | May 3, 2016

Recently I had to turn down a bride on a date we were open simply due to what she was looking for was not what I was passionate about photographing. Why was this the right decision? It’s because passion creates the best photographs and keeps a photographer ramped up to keep creating. Every photographer wants a portfolio that speaks what they want to shoot as it will attract the clients that want that particular photographers style.  That’s why I am “HYPER FOCUSED” on attracting the right clients that see their wedding photography in the same light I do.

Below are some of the most important pieces to me on a wedding day including bits and pieces of my style and what may make Jeremy McLean Photography a great fit for your wedding day.

  1. The Couple – What I love to photograph the most on a wedding day is the bride and groom together. If I can get an hour or more with just the two of you that makes the world of difference. No distractions and away from the venue often takes the photographs to an entire new level. This gives us a chance to focus in on some more artistic shots, which typically will be your favourite since the day is about your connection, love, and passion for one another.
  2. Landscapes – As you will see from my blog I love going out and shooting landscapes with a wide angle lens. I love using negative space, beautiful scenery and all types of compositions to make a creative shot that you would be happy to showcase on your wall at home. This also means I am open to travelling to scenic destinations and love weddings outside of the normal types of venues.
  3. Reactions – I love moments where a photograph can tell a bigger story. That tear, the big laugh to a funny story, it all has to do with the emotion of the day. I love those moments and am quick on my feet to capture moments you will treasure.
  4. People –  This may seem like a given, but there’s actually a bit more to it. I love capturing photos of people interacting at the wedding day naturally. I love being a fly on the wall for most of the day and love capturing photographs where people are not looking at the camera. It’s more of a documentary style and if you like natural, candid shots, we could be a great fit.

Notable exclusions: You probably noticed family and wedding party portraits are missing from this list. I still take these shots but don’t spend much time on them. I typically like to have a shot list in hand that the bride and groom would like to have for family and we nail them out quickly to make sure we have lots of time for the bride and groom alone.

Important Notes:

  • Clients who like black and white or tonal images will like my editing style. Most weddings or couples shoot have at least a 50% ratio of black and white to colour. Most are even more heavier on the black and white side. This is rare in the photography industry and caters to those who like moody emotional images with strong compositions.
  • You will notice I’m not a fan of a lot of re-touching. I don’t cover skin blemishes, over brighten eyes, or “photoshop” an image too much. My workflow is clean and simple. I try my best to get the shot right in camera, and gently touch up shots in Lightroom. With that said, I do like to take a few of my favourite images and make “artistic” edits that provide a very unique fine art style. Once I have a few weddings on the blog, I’m sure you will be able to pick these out.
  • If you’re a couple who likes to travel, prefers experiences over stuff, and cherishes moments, then we’re a lot alike and we would probably get a long really well on your wedding day.


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